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My Story

Hi, I'm Dan and I'm 33, l have worked in the radio industry now for a couple of years, and l love it. Back in 2011 l got diagnosed with Bipolar, and it change my life. l can understand now why l was the way l  when was growing up. l have the manic side of Bipolar which means that l am giddy all the time and l thrive on making people laugh.  Then Maisie my daughter came along and my life changed for the better. Maisie was my little girl who looked like me and my name wasn't just Dan anymore it was Daddy. As time went on my bipolar got worse and the one thing that always put me back on track was Maisie. l would always see Maisie's beautiful smile in my head and l knew l could get through anything that life threw at me, l now take each day at a time. l enjoy being on the radio and l wouldnt be where l am today if l had let Bipolar define me. l would never change anything from my past as it has made me a stronger and better person.  l am doing this online radio station to give presenters the opportunity that l had through my local radio station. lt gave me the confidence that l needed to start my own online radio station. My radio show can be about everything and anything from preschool, the top 40, through to the 70s, 80s 90s and more. One thing l would like to say is, if you are listening and one of my presenters and they do make a mistake then  please bare with them, doing live shows anything can go wrong, and what your listening to might not show up for them, but please take the time to listen and find out what show you like and if you have any questions or requests then please feel free to contact me. You will find the contact information at the bottom of the main web page.

Quote: If you want to lead the orchestra, you have to turn your back on the crowd


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